Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6

Today was a fun day. Mike and I had our first "business" meeting.*wink*
Since we got the long arm quilting machine last spring, Mike has been saying we should really think about doing this as a business. So today our family friend Ms.Rossi and her sewing/quilting buddy came up to the house. She had asked us if we would be interested in doing long arm quilting for them and their church bazaars. They get lots of quilt top donations, but these still need to be finished. This is where the long arming is used to sandwich the top/batting/backing together. How could we pass this up. It sounds like "sew" much fun.*smile*. Mike is really excited to possibly get more business from this adventure. It's so neat to have this machine and now he's able to share what he can do!

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