Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 24

Kevin's new ride!!!!
1966 VW Bug
He's been working for our neighbor, doing yard work for some spending money. And he's got a summer job lined up. So we thought we would give him something fun to spend his money on.
I wanted to take pic's of him today working on it (he's so excited) but it's raining. We've had the A/C running since last weekend and now it's raining. Sad....    But he's got all summer coming. I'm sure he's got plenty planned for this little beauty.

April 22

Some fun photos from the bow shop the kids go to.

April 20th

Keegan had his neurology appointment today. But they were early so they found a park to go to.
His doctor said he is doing excellent. He does want him to see a specialist for his fingers, he has been having some trouble with them, but still he was so pleased with him. Keegan even got a fan for going, *wink*wink*.

April 18th

My girls making Pumpkin cookies. Kylene started making dinner 5  nights a week too. Let me tell ya, I'm getting to like that a lot. She's doing an EXCELLENT job and she's quite proud of herself.

April 17th

The Kids want to wish Granny

Happy Birthday!!!!

April 14th

Happy Birthday Kate! Your 21! You are such a joy. Happy, Happy Birthday!

April 11

I have spent the last 2 days planning next years school curriculum order(online). Which is why we haven't been able to get online for the last 2 weeks. UGH.... so today is actually April 25th as I am finally able to.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10

We celebrated Karlie's birthday last week. She is now a beautiful 16 year old. Where does time go? Oh.... so fast. We will be celebrating Kate's birthday this weekend. She is going on 21. How can that be? I'm 26. (remember my earlier birthday post)Weird ;-) So proud of our Miss Karlie!
She is such a wonderful daughter.

April 10

Mike has taken on the long arm machine. He is excellent at free motion flames! Why must he be so good at everything??
Grandpa Earl's quilt.
Granny's quilt. I pieced this one together. Mike did the long arm stitching on top.
Small flowers.
Larger flowers.
The backing.
Still need to bind this one.(Put the edging on)
I have moved on to learn the embroidery machine. Now this will be fun, not to sure about the learning curve. I'll get it.
Pretty neat machine, this was my first attempt. Made a new cover for one of Mike's boxes.
The girls have started making barbie clothes.
One "designs" and one "sews". Ha, too cute. Talk about team work.
Kassadie had a cardiology check up last week. Everything is good right now. She goes back in a couple of weeks again. Yay Kassadie.