Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kurtis & Kassadie ~Birthday Time~

Birthday's again. Okay, it really is fun. There are only 4 months out of the year we don't have any birthdays. Saturday was Kurtis and Kassadie's birthday.
Kurtis is now 8 years old and Kassadie is now 6 years old. I can not believe how my babies grow up so fast.
We are still really busy with school. The older ones have been going golfing with dad at the golf course once a week. The weather was bad on Friday and they missed it. It was raining and really windy. Poor Kye was really sad. He doesn't like to play as much as he likes being dad's caddy. Kate likes to drive the golf cart. Kendall and Kevin are doing well. They really look forward to going all week. Kurtis and Kellie haven't tried yet. But I know when they want to go they'll have a great time also.
I got to go to the movies today, I haven't been for awhile. The last time was on Mother's Day a couple of years ago.I went with Kate, Kevin and Kye . Kylene and I went together today.
We are getting ready for Thanksgiving. I have made the menu for Thursday with the kids. Then Friday we will put up the tree and decorate the inside/outside of the house. We have had this tradition since Mike and I were first married. The kids have already asked if Friday we decorate.
Yep, just like always.
Anyways, all is well here and we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!