Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2

So,here it is July 2nd......I haven't blogged in almost a month? What? Wait, we haven't even started our summer yet.
So let's take a moment to ponder. Hmmm...What did we do all month?
All the kids had their yearly dental check-up. That alone, scheduled and in/out and the dentist office is an hours drive from here. But happy to report only 2 cavities out of the whole bunch. Excellent!
So let's move on..a couple routine doctor visits and labs for a couple of the tires on the bus (YES, this is exciting).  Oooh, we got our yearly delivery of 1/2 a steer and whole hog.Now that's quite the highlight huh? Moving along....Mike's getting his arms *sleeved*. Yep, full arm tattoo's. Pics to come later. I'm to lazy to put pictures in this post. It's car stuff. I'm not a tattoo kinda girl myself, but he loves them. And I love him and he loves tattoo's. So, that I guess brings us to today.
Me: Mike the frig sounds kinda funky
Mike: Not good
Me: I think I'm gonna unload some stuff to the shop frig
Mike: Good idea, I'm gonna make some calls
Yeah, this is where I tell ya we went to Cosco last night. The frig is FULL. So we had to take a couple of boxes up to Brian's shop frig that wouldn't fit in our extra frig.
So the repair guy came. The good news was he could fix it, on Wednesday.( It's a commercial frig, we weren't sure.) The bad news, it was the compressor.  A $1500.00 compressor.
Yep, that says it all.

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