Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19

I've been trying to post the last 3 days, but I can't seem to get the photo's to upload to blogger.
Not like I have hours to spend online, so lets just get this done without photos, shall we?
We celebrated Kendall's birthday. She turned 13. We now have another teen!
Mike started a new car project.
I made a quilt. Kylene asked me to make her a pair of boho chic pants. Now I love sewing. Love, Love, Love it. But I sew flat! Quilts are flat, Bags are flat. Pillowcases, they're flat. See a theme? Flat. Pants my dear Kylene, are not flat. But, I did it. Yes, I didn't even cry. I quit and set the project aside more than once. I was sewing rayon, we didn't get along very well. But, that one hour sewing pattern I was using.....I manage to knock those pants out in 7 hours total. Yep. I got skills. Will I attempt this project again? Yes, but I will use 100% cotton.
Oh, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day. Everything was green all day. All the food we ate was green.
Kellie made ALL the decorations. She did a really good job.
So that's about it. I know pictures would of been really nice, but I guess I need to figure out why I can't get it to work.