Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27th

Not much is happening here......out of the last 15 days, it's rained on all of them, but 2. UGH! Kylene had fun on her date with Dillon. They went to the movie's. They stopped by the store and picked up and extra box of pasta for us. I was making spaghetti and wanted more pasta for the sauce I had made. It also gave them something else to do. When they came home we all had dinner together and they watched a movie with Kate. Kassadie got her new boot, we are going shopping tomorrow to get shoe's for her to wear. She has to wear the boot inside a shoe. I think by looking at it we will be getting her regular shoe size for the left and 2? sizes larger for the right. I say boot, that is what they call it. It's more of a plastic type of brace. I'll post pictures. It is pink with little lambs on the straps. Well.... I told you it's been pretty boring here. More birthdays are coming up, I can't wait. I really hope the weather gets better. We just wanna play outside!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

update on life....

So guess what?......the kids have been sick again.
Kendall's birthday was on March 12th. She is now 10! The morning of the 12th , before we had Kendall's party, the kids went up to a friend's granddaughter's birthday party. That's how they got this lovely bug they still have. Oh well, they had fun at the party.

Kylene is driving daily with her permit. She takes her dad to coffee every morning. She's doing great.
She doesn't cry anymore. LOL. She was really nervous, but the first behind-the-wheel lesson she had, made her a lot more confident.

Kylene has a boyfriend. He's a really nice young man. His name is Dillon. She met him once through a friend, years ago. Then they started talking in November and they started dating about a month ago. He's been here at the house many times. He asked if he could take her to the movies this afternoon. We told them yes, but we can still be nervous about it, right? She's my baby!!

I've been sewing a lot lately. Mike surprised me by painting the loft for me (pink) and bought me a new sewing machine table. So I now have a sewing room. YAY. I started sewing new curtains for the room last night. So maybe I might find a little helper or quilter-in-training to sew with me. I think one of my girls (Kendall) will be the first.

Well more later........Kylene's date will be here in a little while and I think it's time I start getting nervous........this is all new. And the house will be too quiet with her gone. She is louder than all the kids combined.

Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th

So been a while since I last posted. Mike's laptop quit working and every time I have a free moment to blog, he is on mine. We really need to work on getting him a new one.
So what's been going on.......
We got a second washer & dryer. Wow, I always new how helpful it would be to have. When we planned our master bathroom, it included an area for a set. We finished the bathroom and didn't want to spend the money on it so we've just waited. We finally bought them. Soooo, it's made such a difference, should have done it sooner.

Kendall completed her Build-A-Bear.
She did very well.

Keegan got a new fan for his collection. As you can see this one lights up.
This is the best fan yet.
Kylene took her permit test last week, passed. She has an appointment
Thursday for her first behind the wheel driving lesson.
Kassadie went in last Tuesday for a new boot fitting. This will be a 24 hour boot.
It will fit inside her shoe. They said all we need to do is buy her regular
size shoe for left foot and buy a second pair one size larger and use the
right one from that pair to fit over the boot.
She is still doing very well.