Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24

How do you know summer is on the way?
When you see this in the yard....I'll never like them.

(Mike's wears an 11.5 in a shoe.)

May 23

The shop is done on the outside. He will put electrical in next week.
But for now, it has been a long 10 days. This weekend is hanging out and B-B-Q time.
So glad this project is done, he can now build some cool cars again.( Remember he gave me his garage last summer for my sewing room.) He really couldn't do much without a shop.

May 22

The roof went on today and the wrap is going up for the siding...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 19

And we are moving right along.

May 14

The shop is going up!!!

May 12

Mike got a new puppy on "Mother's Day". She is so sweet and adorable. He named her Maye.

May 11


We had a small Circus come through our little town. The kids had a blast. But, most of all I think Kellie getting to ride a horse.  A dream come true.

Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10

Kylene has a new person in her life. They were introduced through a mutual friend. His name is Ryan. Thought I'd share a photo of him. Tomorrow is his birthday and he is coming up to spend the day. So I will probably have more photo's and one of them together. He's a really nice boy and the kids really enjoy him when he visits.

May 10

The lumber for the shop was delivered today. The pile in the first photo will be put on the slab in the second photo to make a 30' x 60' shop. After all the years, and another 2500 sf to this house, I am still amazed how this works. To be continued..

May 9

I got my Mother's Day present early. A new back splash for the range. Oh, I was so excited when we were in Lowe's and he stopped to look at the backing. Really, for me? Yay! I pretty much jumped up and down clapping while he worked. Kinda felt 5 and  I'm not sure if that really helped? At least he new how much I appreciated it....

May 3

After having the long arm for over a year, I have finally decided I could possibly do this.
It has been the hardest thing I've learned in a loooong time. But I think I'm getting the hang of it.
I'm just learning how to rack the quilt, tie-off, baste.....all the basics first. Then there is the computer,
yeah, not my have to learn to run the programs, line them up, re size the program ...
on and on...BUT...I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once I get all this necessary stuff down, I get to be creative, that is what I'm aiming for. I have been making large block quilts. They take maybe 20 minutes to cut and sew, but the large block lets me see my progress on the long arm. Practice makes progress, right? Not looking to be perfec,t just progress. I am so thankful Mike did all my quilts for the past year, this is quite the experience. (He's a quick learner. There isn't anything he can't do, really.) 

May 2

Happy 13th Birthday to our Miss Kellie. Our newest teenager.

April 29

Happy 11th Birthday our sweet boy Kye-Kye.