Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 30th

We haven't had a cold or flu around here for a couple of years. I guess our luck has finally run out.
We were long over due. Kylene started it! :) A couple weeks ago she thought she had allergies, it lasted for a week, but then it started going away. Then Kassadie started with the whole sinus thing. Then a couple days later Kellie started in with a runny nose. It will eventually get us all.
Oh, give us another week or two. LOL

Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27th

She loves her red hat!
Loving the sunshine

Puppy outside time

These next photos are of a new binder idea for our youngest
four little ones. It contains- name, numbers, alphabet, months/days,
nursery rhymes, rebus story, shapes, flaps with the letters they know,
a page protector with a story book in it, emotion flash cards, some
sight words, colors, letter match. Lots of repeats throughout.
Letters in different fonts, their name in different fonts and so on....
I read through their binders each day. Doesn't take very long, they enjoy
it. And it's really fun. Here are some photos of one.

So, yeah.....ummm?.....still filling jars. I'm having fun!!
This is our tea, coffee, chocolate and strawberry drink shelf.
Dried split peas and white rice are on the top shelf.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20th

So I am still working on organizing my file cabinet into binders
(no, I won't post any more pics). I've bored you enough
with that. I have also been putting everything I can into
jars for my cabinet. It takes up a lot less space. I started with
my baking chips. My thought is if I have to look at it,
I might as well make it pretty to look at .
So this morning Kylene said,
" Mom, your such a dork you have to blog that".
The socks.....well....this is what I buy every three months or so.
I think there is like 132 pairs or something like that.
So the typical, sock missing it's mate story......well,
that's multiplied times 12 here. :)
Dorky mom stuff Kylene thought I should share.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Before & After


This morning Mike took the puppies to the groomers.
Now, he was cute before.
But I think he really looks like a different dog now.
Even cuter!

Fun Friday

Just some fun yesterday.
Kate went off to the kitchen to make brownies,
so we decided to have some fun art time.
I would post the picture of Kate's, oh so
yummy brownies, but um.....
they were gone before they cooled off.
I just love food I didn't have to make,
it tastes soooo much better.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Puppy Part 2

Last night Mike came home with a surprise. Dexter's brother. Yes, these came from the same litter...........? He is almost twice the size as Kylene's Dexter. They are both Chi-Poo(Chihuahua & Poodle mix) Funny, one looks Chi and one looks Poo. Haha. Dexter is brown with short hair and my little one has long black poodle hair. We are thinking of names for him. Any ideas?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Puppy

Today Mike found some puppies he thought I would like(I didn't know I was looking).
He and Kylene went to look at them this afternoon. They found one, a boy. But as you can see
the puppy is now Kylene's! He is a Chi-Poo and she named him Dexter.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Birthdays & Braces

Today our Kody turned 6 years old. Yahoo for Kody!!
We had his party this morning, he really wouldn't understand
waiting all day for a party tonight. I told him,
"Happy Birthday Kody" when he got up
this morning. He said, "A cake". I told him "Yep, Mommy's
gonna make it right now".
He's had such a happy day. Cake & presents, yeah that's what
it's all about when your 6.
Happy Birthday to our Kody.
Kendall got her braces this morning. She's been wearing a retainer that helped to
widen her upper/lower jaws. She's had the retainer since February. So while the
retainer was doing it's job. she was also losing baby teeth. So today he said she was
finally ready. She's been waiting for this day. She says all the time,
"I can't wait to have straight teeth".

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6th

Well, we have needed a larger refrigerator for some time now.
We had a traditional side by side unit. This one is 72 c.f......
Which means it is over 7ft. long. Haha
Now to find a matching freezer!!
We will start the kitchen remodel within the next few weeks.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Binder #3

My School Lesson Planner
Family Reading Log

Kellie's Little House Binder Cover

Kendall's Little House Binder Cover

OK....I know..... I know, I really have fun organizing!
So, after working on my other binders, my school lesson planner
really needed a face lift. This binder keeps my daily lessons, list of curriculum
we are using and reading logs.
So we are finishing up our Little House Series and the kids did
binders as we read about the story.
So here are some photos of some examples from those
binders they are working on.
Such beautiful artwork organized so neatly!
OK, no more binder photos for awhile.