Monday, February 8, 2010

Doctors,Dentists, and Orthodontists-Oh, my!

The month of January was check-up month. All is good. Kendall has started her Ortho/Myo
appointments. She goes 1-2 times per week. She has 2 appliances/retainers(one upper-one lower).Aren't they too cute. They are so tiny. These will slowly move her jaw line 10mm. It will take about a year. Then we wait for her baby molars to be replaced with adult molars. That is when they will do braces. They are trying to make room for her adult teeth with the retainers, she has the tiniest little mouth. She is such a big girl about this. She is doing all her exercises and brushing all day.

We started the Little House on the Prairie book series last week. I've been reading a chapter a day out loud. We put binders together with page protectors. They made their own covers.
After every chapter,they write and/or draw about our story of the day. Kind of like, a scrap book of the stories we read. So far it is a big hit. Every morning it's "Are you going to read to us?" "Do we get to do our binder's today?" This is really neat for us. Our different ages and levels can do this together, we love that. I'm really proud of their work. They have taken quite an interest in the quality of their work and have a lot of pride in these binders.
Kate had her regular check-up and blood work. Her thyroid doesn't seem to be doing its job. Her doctor put her on medication for that. He says it is a side effect of her seizure medication.
She has seemed slightly sluggish the last few months, maybe this is why.
She feels fine and is doing great.
We have survived a couple of big storms. Not to worry, Mike got the generator hooked up.
We were warm and fed and even got to watch TV at night. (as the neighbors lived by candle light)