Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8

I love, love love this rose. It was originally planted in the front yard. When we re-landscaped the front and back yard a few years ago, I made sure we paid close attention to this rose making the move to the back yard.The story is when the original part of the house was built in 1937 the owner/builder gave his wife this rose for the yard.We are only the third owners, so I'm not sure the story is true but if it is.....it's a sweet story and the rose will bloom on.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6

We have a really big picnic table in the backyard. It's 14 ft. long. The neighbor guy made it and they didn't end up using it. They gave it to us back in 2008. It was looking kind of faded. Mike bought some stain and boy o' boy does it look great. We are good to go for years now. Doesn't it look better?

May 3

 This was Mike's 1st tattoo. He was 21 at the time.(that was over 20 years ago) It's starting to show it's age. He had quite a few tattoo's including his entire back done in his 20's and early 30's. I asked him about a year or so ago why he had ever got his sleeves (arms) done. He just shrugged. Then last week when he came back after getting Kylene's car, he said "I have an appointment". I said "cool, whatcha doin'?"He said some off the wall stuff. Mumbles something about his arms. I wasn't quite sure what to think.He always asked my opinion before?? Why not now? oh well. Then when he came in that night,  my eyes went straight to his arms. No bandages? huh? I asked "what did ya do?" Then he showed me his chest. Can we all say awwwww together?? What a sweet guy. He said "I got your name on my heart". Okay, I was quite the teary girl. After all these years................I love this guy!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2

Kylene got a new car. Isn't it cute???

May 2

Kellie had a birthday party today. She's now a pre-teen 12. She loves horses and is sportin' her new bow headband.Kellie had a great time opening gifts and eating cake. She is such a sweetie. Happy Birthday Miss Kellie. We love you.

April 30

We celebrated Kye's 10th birthday this weekend. Kurtis and Kylene made him a PIE! Yep, Kye got a Pumpkin birthday pie. He thought it was great. We thought it was yummy. Good job, guys.
Happy Birthday Kye.

April 29

We have a lady that we know through our home school program.... oh, golly gosh....it's been about 15 years now. Anyways, she liked my sewing machine covers. So, she likes yellow and blue. And shazam, look what I made her. I love my new embroidery machine. Cute huh!

April 28

These are some quilts I've worked on lately. Kinda boring......Sorry. I just thought I'd share. Pictures loaded weird. You can get the idea anyways.

April 26th

This is what the girl's brought home. We sent them after milk?? Weird?? Ok, they did text me and ask first. He is really cute. The kids named him Jack.