Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5th

My birthday was last week.......Mike surprised me with a new sewing machine.

He said "I went to a quilting store and got something for you....I hope it's okay"

Ahhhh.....I was so excited. What a good boy!

Now I have my fabric stash building. Still making small stuff, just having fun

with my new machine. Wow, it is "sew" much fun.

Karlie just had her birthday. Another year older, but just as sweet as ever.

Happy Birthday!

(Isn't she cute?)

And a Costco run. This is the back of the bus. It's about a 5 X 8 ft. area and layered deep. 4 carts worth. Everyone always says, "I wonder what your Costco trip looks like" Now ya know....