Saturday, February 19, 2011

It snowed around 5 A.M. this morning. By the time it was light enough
for pictures, it was starting to melt. If you look at the mountains behind,
they are covered . They are only less than a mile down the road.
This is upstairs, through our bedroom window. I love snow,
wish it would snow more!
I have always wanted to quilt. Always. I thought someday I would
find someone to learn how-to from. I decided to just do it. So I
made a small table topper for a cabinet Mike got me last weekend.

I think it turned out okay.

This is fabric I cut into 6" squares. I layered them in a row.
I now have all my squares cut and the backing done, the next step
is sewing the squares together in rows. Then sewing the
rows together. I will then sandwich the top, batting, and backing
together. And quilting the entire thing? I can't decide if I
want to hand quilt or machine quilt it together. I am a little
nervous about that part. It's going to be a twin size for one of
our boys so that's a pretty big project to hand quilt. We will
have to wait and see......
Why yes, yes I did make a quilting binder.
( I hear you laughing Mrs. Rossi ;) )

And...... I have an afghan I have just started. It is a king size for the
top of our bed.I have been working on it at night. Because of it's size,
it takes about 35 minutes per row. I told Mike it's my summertime
afghan, he asked "why?". I told him the colors make it look like
a watermelon!
The kids are doing great, the cold is finally gone. That seem to hang
around for ever. Not a real bad one, just long.
School is going well, Kurtis just loves reading. He wants to read
anything to anyone that will listen. Too cute.
Valentine's day was fun. We had a little party and Kylene made
the cutest cupcakes for everyone.
Hopefully the weather will change this week and spring will
be on it's way. We have soooo many things we want to do
but we really need nice weather.
Tomorrow I am going to help Kellie and Kendall
sew the cute little bear projects they got. They were so excited to
get those. I will definitely post pictures when they are done.
I am really looking forward to see them work on these.
More later.........