Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28

Made Kellie a new top today.

I'm having fun making these for the girls.

So easy and fast. Just using fabric I already had.

It is a lot faster than a quilt, that's for sure.

July 27

I made a new skirt for Kendall

July 25th

Our NEW laundry room.

Mike moved everything down to the other end of the house,

so we can get the kitchen project going soon.

July 24

Kayna's 7th Birthday!

July 23

Kevin's 14th birthday.

He got a tool box full of tools!!

July 22

Friday afternoon was....well....a little stressful. This fire was about 2 miles down the road, which

was way to close. My friends husband works for the local fire dept. They kept us up on the details. So that was a lot less stress on my nerves, thanks Heather! (But, it didn't come our way.)

July 21

Kylene's 17th birthday with friends and family

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17th

Havin' summer fun.

Enjoying her summer!

Harry Potter movie day was friday. They came in wearing

their 3-D glasses.

He got daddy's HP glasses

My first sewing attempt at sundresses and summer tops.

The girls loved them.

The pictures of swimming are from a week ago. Kate had a seizure week ago friday, it

takes a lot out of her and us. So last week we took it easy. Then friday was

the last Harry Potter movie, so Mike took all but the youngest 5.

They got to stay with mama.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kylene & Dillon

Kylene & Dillon's 1st picture,


4th of July Party

Alan & Patty

Big kids friends

Jenna, Sara & kids

Dillon & Kylene


Dillon & Kylene

Watching fireworks

Keegan actually stayed outside for

fireworks this time

friends and fun

July 3rd

Bouncy time..

Sitting in Kevin's Go Cart...ready to go!

He pushed them around in it like this and then

took them on a real ride. What a great brother!

Kayna Swimming


Kate & Kellie

It is finally summer!