Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27th

She loves her red hat!
Loving the sunshine

Puppy outside time

These next photos are of a new binder idea for our youngest
four little ones. It contains- name, numbers, alphabet, months/days,
nursery rhymes, rebus story, shapes, flaps with the letters they know,
a page protector with a story book in it, emotion flash cards, some
sight words, colors, letter match. Lots of repeats throughout.
Letters in different fonts, their name in different fonts and so on....
I read through their binders each day. Doesn't take very long, they enjoy
it. And it's really fun. Here are some photos of one.

So, yeah.....ummm?.....still filling jars. I'm having fun!!
This is our tea, coffee, chocolate and strawberry drink shelf.
Dried split peas and white rice are on the top shelf.

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Shhfamily said...

Been waiting to see this! Looks great!