Monday, January 10, 2011

Birthdays & Braces

Today our Kody turned 6 years old. Yahoo for Kody!!
We had his party this morning, he really wouldn't understand
waiting all day for a party tonight. I told him,
"Happy Birthday Kody" when he got up
this morning. He said, "A cake". I told him "Yep, Mommy's
gonna make it right now".
He's had such a happy day. Cake & presents, yeah that's what
it's all about when your 6.
Happy Birthday to our Kody.
Kendall got her braces this morning. She's been wearing a retainer that helped to
widen her upper/lower jaws. She's had the retainer since February. So while the
retainer was doing it's job. she was also losing baby teeth. So today he said she was
finally ready. She's been waiting for this day. She says all the time,
"I can't wait to have straight teeth".

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