Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20th

So I am still working on organizing my file cabinet into binders
(no, I won't post any more pics). I've bored you enough
with that. I have also been putting everything I can into
jars for my cabinet. It takes up a lot less space. I started with
my baking chips. My thought is if I have to look at it,
I might as well make it pretty to look at .
So this morning Kylene said,
" Mom, your such a dork you have to blog that".
The socks.....well....this is what I buy every three months or so.
I think there is like 132 pairs or something like that.
So the typical, sock missing it's mate story......well,
that's multiplied times 12 here. :)
Dorky mom stuff Kylene thought I should share.

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