Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2

Awhile back Mike, Kylene and I were talking and joking around. Kylene said "Mom, you are so boring, you over plan everything". (Like I haven't heard that before..haha) She then proceeded to ask "Have you ever taken a risk on anything before?" (I think to myself ummm...I have 12 kids??? duh) And then my answer out loud was NO. I admit I plan, plan plan! It's what I do.
So this leads to my story.........
Last Friday Mike was looking at motor homes online. He said, "It really would be fun to get one". So I sat down after he left and was looking at them. Then I thought about always wanting a cabin in the mountains, where we could go and play in the snow. So I looked up an area I like and the first one that popped up was the one. So when Mike came home I showed it to him.
He called the realtor to get info. Then he took a drive up to take a look. He called me when he got there and said "I like it, it's really cute. A little work and it will be a fit for us." So he came home , we all packed up and took a drive up to see it.
All the kids thought it was great, the big girls couldn't believed how good the pine tree's smelled.
So we made an offer the next day.
They excepted and now today we are in escrow.
All we are waiting for is the well inspection and escrow can close.
It's a small cabin, the size this house use to be before we added on. 2 bed/ 1 bath and a loft (we now have 7 bed/2 bath and a loft here) and it has a huge garage we can convert to living space.
It sits on a little more than an acre.
Can't wait to get started on it, the area is so pretty. No neighbors close and beautiful tree's everywhere. And it's only about an hour away, close enough for fun day trips to the snow.
I hope all goes as planned , the kids will just love it.'s that for a girl who doesn't take risks!

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