Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11

Sewing? Yep.

My next quilt project

Aww, he even brings chocolate!

So, they say if your into numbers and luck, today was your day. 11-11-11. Hmm.... okay? So for me it's just plain ol' Friday. But a fun one at that.

I know lots of people say they could never work with their spouse or the thought of being together 24/7 is just too much. I love Mike. I love being with him. EVERYDAY 24/7. Why?

#1 He's perfect and # 2 Well just look at today's pictures. Haha. (he let me take pictures :) ) He was helping me put the backing on a quilt top. We got it on the rack so I can start hand quilting it. We are really lucky to spend so much time together and to be with the kids. I have yet, after 25 plus years not found anything he can't do. And he even brings home a surprise box of chocolate for me.Yummy!

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