Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 14th

 It's been awhile, so let's catch up. Christmas was wonderful.
 This photo is of Scott, his wife Marife, their two boys Matt & Marco. His folks George and Becky.
Mike and Scott have been best friends since they were about 13 years old. He was the best man at our wedding. He and his wife Marife and boys live in Spain now. The last time they were here was in 2006 right before they moved back there. We are sooo happy they took the time during the holidays traveling to stop and visit us. We haven't seen his folks since 1997, right before they moved to Africa.

 I just had to share this photo of all of us together, gotta love Scott only he could pull this off!

So that brings us to January. We celebrated Kody turning 8 years old. And Kate, Kevin, Kellie, Kendall and Kurtis went to State Shoots (bow Competition). They attended 2 seperate shoots and we are waiting to hear back where they placed.

AND.......Mike and I went on a date! Alone! First time in a restaurant alone in 22 years.
 It was surreal.

 This brings us to today. Valentine's Day. I decorated last night. We had a really nice day....
Did our school, played outside, Mike and I did some sewing( he loves me... he long armed a quilt on
Valentine's Day for me)
And THEN he made all of us his famous enchiladas. Yes, that is a huge tray. It's 18x24.
Hope you all got to spend today with those you love.

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