Friday, October 12, 2012

Quilting Room- finally done

Sew....Where have we been the last 2 months?
Take a walk down the
 new entry from the family room......
You'll see!!!!
Isn't it wonderful?
We are beyond happy..It is such a fun room,
everyone just migrates out here to hang out now.
This is my sewing station
Mike's long arm machine
The view walking in from the slider.
The sewing machine Kate is using.
My extra machine for using and a nice big counter
for laying out fabric. Did you notice the black wall?
It's my design wall. It holds my quilt block as they are
pieced. I pin my quilt blocks on it as they are sewn,
to have a visual of the quilt as it progresses. 
Design walls are usually white. But this is why mine
is not.
Mike: Why white?
Me: Umm... they just are????
Mike: But you quilt mainly pastels and white, you'll never see the blocks
Me: Oh...
Mike: Why not black?
Me: Umm... Hey Mike,  I got an idea, how about black?
Mike: Ya think!
Gee.... he thinks of everything!
 The cutting station.
 Just another view.

 My serger and a sewing station for Kellie and Kendall.
(In case you were wondering the room is 20x26.)
Mike has been doing long arming on quite a few
 charity quilts and just got his 1st long arm customer.
I am so thankful Mike gave up his garage for all
of us. 
 Now Kate, Kellie and Kendall are sewing daily too.
I've got a couple more little ones in training and soon they'll be quilting away.
Hope you enjoyed my little tour.

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