Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 16th

Finally, I know. I was posting a lot then....I started school planning, Kylene started school and Mike is trying so hard to get the sewing room done.

School this year:Kylene  - Started Cosmetology School
                           Karlie    - 11th grade
                           Kevin    - 10th grade
                           Kellie    - 7th   grade
                           Kendall - 6th   grade
                           Kurtis    - 6th  grade
                           Kye       - 5th  grade   
                           Keegan - 4th  grade
                           Kassadie-4th  grade
                           Kayna    -3rd  grade
                           Kody     - 2nd grade
Ms.Rossi brought our school supplies, these awesome scooter boards and some yummy snacks.

Kylene was making dinner the last several months, oh how I was thankful and enjoying dinner each and every night. But her new school schedule is 9:30 to 5:30 plus commute time to town. So I'm not use to her being gone, it's hard to see one of babies leave the nest like that. I'm so proud of her, but miss her a lot during the day. She's learning so much. I started making dinner again. So this is a favorite dinner around here, Chicken Chile Enchilada Casserole. We put the ruler next to the tray so you could see OUR family size. Haha. It's a standard 12" ruler. See the disposable tray. I hate dishes too.*smile*

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