Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1

Happy New Year! We have had beautiful weather, high 60's. As you can see the cabin's roof is done and NO snow. No rain either, weird.

We celebrated Mike's birthday.Then Christmas. Such a strange holiday season weather wise, no rain all month and warm sunny days.

Mike has been taken up archery. He got something called a "Robin hood". That's when you shoot an arrow at your target and then you next arrow goes directly into the first arrow. Who knew?

He took them into the shop and the guys took a photo of him with them and put his photo and the arrows on the wall.

Pretty neat!

Then he got a pin. You know boys have a club for everything. Kinda hard to see the pin.

The kids are all going through a little cold. Yucky.

Everyone is getting through it and Kate did have seizure yesterday it was very mild. Her last one was June.

She is doing just fine today.

And lastly, Kassadie's doctor called last week.

They have her surgery scheduled for the end of January.

More on that later.

So for now.........Happy New Year to our

friends and family.

January 1, 2012

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