Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5

The kitchen is almost done. Remember this is the before kitchen.And yes, I fed 14 people, 3-5 times a day from this small kitchen. :)

This is our new range.....oh I'm in love. The base is 5 feet across, has 6 extra large burners and a

24" griddle to fry on. And 2....count them 2 ovens. The hood is something of a.....well....let's just state the obvious, it's huge. 7 feet. Mike still needs to tile the back wall and install a pot filler for me.

I made the curtains and need to replace the the fabric on the picture bulletin board with matching fabric. The crown moulding hasn't been put up yet either.

We haven't put everything back in the cabinets yet, but the 3 stacks of paper plates made it. Haha.

Remember when I posted about our new refrigerator and you thought to yourself "Gee, that's huge, how will that ever look right?" Well next to the fits just right!

All I have to say is "Thank you Mikey, your the best husband a girl could ever want!"


Anonymous said...

Wow, looks incredible guys!!

Kaspersons said...

Thank you,Thank you!