Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monthly Menu Binder

Binder cover
My quantities to serve 100 people reference sheet LOL
Monthly Planner Week 1
Photo copied recipes
I've been working on something the last couple of nights......
thought I'd share.
It will probably be boring to most of you.
I'd had a weekly menu routine for quite some time now and
I thought I could make it work even better.
I would go to my recipe binder (made it a couple of years ago).
Make my menu, shop once a week and add fill-ins as needed
all week like... milk & bread and more milk & bread. Oh, I also do
what we call "BIG" shopping once a month for all the everyday
basics and some ridiculous amounts of cereal.LOL.
So I started out with a binder and made 52 copies of a weekly menu
planner. I will work on a month at a time.
(All my menu sheets and photo copies are in sheet protectors)
I went to my recipe binder, chose my 4 weeks of recipes.
So let me try to explain the binder layout....
January 3-9 week 1 Menu
Photo copies of my recipes follow
January 10-16 week 2 Menu
Photo copies of my recipes follow
Now once a week I look at my weekly menu and add my
needed ingredients to my grocery list because my recipes
are right there following my menu.
As I cook all week I don't have to go get all my recipes
out of different cook books and my binder.
So what do ya think???

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Shhfamily said...

I have this too except mine has a month worth of menus with recipes following!!