Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5

Well....last week is......well over. Kate went in with her hand swelling thing like 2 weeks ago and they said it was a staph infection, Mike and I were kind of surprised by this but, OK. She took her medicine and it started going away then that following Sunday she got up with her foot swollen. Mike to her back in that very morning because she was still on the medication. They said come back for lab in the morning, we are checking for Lyme disease and Arthritis. So the next morning Kate went in and she said we will have results in a day or two. So we anxiously waited and I called Tuesday just to check, but nothing. Then we called Thursday, they said they'd check and call us back. Nothing. Nothing on Friday. Saturday Kate's toes were swollen. That never got bad, and gradually went down. Mike called yesterday and she promised a phone call from the nurse yesterday, but no. Finally today she called and said everything came back negative. Thank goodness! If it shows up again she is going to a different doctor.
So, some fun for Kylene right now, she started driver's ed. She's excited. I'm happy for her. But a teen driver, ummm not so much. She'll be our first driver, so I'm more nervous than she is.Hahahaha.
Keegan went in to see his neurologist Friday. This went better than I expected. Keegan doesn't do well at doctors appt. But like I said this one went well. He said Keegan would benefit from braces on his lower legs, his CP has caused him to be a toe walker. So were checking on that. But, he said he was very pleased with Keegan's overall development. Yay, Keegan!
Other than that.....life as usual around here. The weather has changed the last couple of days, a little rainy and dark. Just a hint the seasons are changing...... seen geese migrating this morning.
Keegan's birthday is a little over a week from now and then the holidays and more birthdays start. Can we all say FUN?

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