Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kassadie Update

We had a meeting today with her doctor, p/t and o/t. We talked about her goals she needs to meet in order to come home. She is starting to use a walker, but her right arm gives out and she falls. They do not want her to get hurt at home falling, since she takes a blood thinner medication. So we need to get stronger and she needs to be able to go from a sitting position to standing all on her own. She is not working as hard as she was at first, she seems to have gotten a little bit of an attitude, she is tired of being there. I so understand. We hope to have her home in 2-3 weeks. That seems so far away, since the last three and a half weeks have been soooooo long without her. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, Kassadie is at a childrens hospital 2 1/2 hours drive (one way) away. Mike has been driving this daily. Friday and Monday are worse it a total of 6 hours because of commute traffic. He said today he put 4,500 miles on the car since she has been in the hospital. Keegan misses her terribly, he is always saying"MOMO".(Her nickname). They are only 35 days apart. We have always thought of them as twins. They really do have that kind of bond. They even get to talk on the phone. How cute is that?

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Shhfamily said...

I'm sure this has felt like eternity for you guys! Praying, praying, praying!!