Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yes, BEARS. Today Kylene and I were over at Heather's getting our hair done and while we were gone, there were bears here in our yard. When we came in the door everyone was yelling, "Bears, bears,bears. You guys missed the bears.". About 15 minutes before we came home Mike saw Watson running across the back yard. He went to see what he was after (Watson doesn't run at all). He saw a baby brown bear running around to the front yard. He said it was the size of Watson(200lbs.)By the time Mike ran to the front of the house he saw MAMA BEAR in the front. She hopped over the 4 foot fence and was gone, the baby was scared and I guess thought it was trapped. It ran back and forth in the yard, hitting the fences. It finally saw the power pole and scurried up that and hopped over. Whew....
the first thing I asked Mike was "Where's the picture's????" Mike's response " Picture's? Honey I was counting kids." he wanted to make sure all of them were inside, not out front.The kids have been putting golf balls in the front yard everyday after their school is done. He was really glad they didn't get Watson.
So, hey anything else exciting goin' on? Not compared to that........LOL
School is what we do a lot of now.
Keegan's two new bottom teeth are coming in. It's been along time since the tooth fairy was here.:)
Last Thursday we went shopping and got paint for the play room. Same color. I like it. Took Mike all weekend to paint the room, but it's 720s.f. Fall is here and we wanted the room to fresh and clean for the new season and the holidays that are coming up.Thank you Mikey!
Kendall went to the Orthodontist last week for mouldings for braces/appliances. Next week we go back for the schedule plan of treatment and see if we have to get a 2nd mortgage. :)
Well, that's all for now.................

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