Friday, May 15, 2009

You did good honey!!!

Well after a long week, the RV bus is finally home.
Last weekend Mike went to look at a bus that he thought would be something we would like.
He said "I like it, I think it will work for all of us if we make a few changes and I know the motor it has."(remember Mike was a diesel mechanic).The owner has had it parked at his lake house the last 3 years, since his wife got sick. Mike gave it the quick look over and then went to start it and it ran for awhile and it stalled out. The owner looked at Mike and said"I will take off half of my asking price."
Mike was pretty sure what happened to the motor, so he said "let me take picture's and show them to my wife and see if we have a deal." Mike came home excited, told me " I think I've found the one for us". We talked about it while he showed me the photos and I agreed "let's do it". So on Monday, he called a friend who owns the local tow company and asked if he could drive out there and pick it up. Since it is a three hour round trip and it has sat for three years, Mike thought something could go wrong and I might have to call him anyways. Well he said "yes, but you've gotta put new brakes on it first."
LOL okay Mike said. So he went and got that done and they set out. Four miles from the lake house the tow truck driver broke the drive shaft on the tow truck.Soooo, Mike drove all the way back to the towing company's yard, to build a new one, then drove back to the lake house.(remember 1 1/2 hours one way). They got the tow truck fixed, got to the house and he said,
nope, can't do it. It's too long. Sorry. Mike had explained everything to them before but he said,"He was uncomfortable with that length on these windy roads." By now it's 8:00.p.m. There both really tired. Mike went over yesterday and replaced the engines fuel line and he and the owner drove it home today. No problems.
Soooo, what's the plan now you say? Well, Mike will change the blue to black and buff, buff, buff the aluminum. He has new Alcoa aluminum wheels for it. Replace all the water, fuel, air, and electrical lines. I want to repaint the cabinets white, replace the back queen bed with either u- shape seating that can change to a bed or maybe bunks on both sides???We also have a huge tent that the boys can sleep outside in, when we get to do overnight trips.
All in all, it's been a long week. But so worth it. It's going to be tons of fun. We will keep you posted. And hope to get it all going so we can start doing road trips this summer. YAHOO!!!!

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