Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is for you that don't know the story.
About a month ago I was downloading a podcast.
They had old time radio podcast listed so I asked Kylene if she had ever listened to them. She said "No, what are they?". I continued to explain them to her and she shrugged with little excitement, then walked away.
So a few days later no one could get online. So we tried the next day and the next. We called the Internet satellite company and they said we exceeded our usage. Well when we subscribed we made sure we got the HIGH USAGE plan. So what happen. So I thought to myslelf for a minute and asked Kylene " Did you download anything in the last few day's?????" With much excitement she replied "Those old radio programs were so neat I downloaded 600 of them." Well apparently that's 599 too many. Oh, the lessons we learn as children and FROM our children. We still had a good laugh at the situation. A little frustrating, but still funny. We still love you Kylene.

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Shhfamily said...

That is tooooo funny!
Hugs friend!